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Kelley Armstrong - Time Travel

Nancy Atherton - Cozy with Ghosts

Heather Blake - Cozy with Witches

Jim Butcher - PI Novel/Necromancer

John Connolly - PI Novel with Ghosts

Johnny Compton - Gothic

EJ Copperman - Cozy with Ghosts

Black Crouch - Sci-Fi

John Darnielle - Horror

Ramona Emerson - Procedural with Ghosts

Rob Hart - Sci-Fi

Gabino Iglesias - Dark Supernatural

Stephen Graham Jones - Horror

Un-Su Kim - International Sci-Fi

Stephen King - Dark Supernatural

Michael Koryta - Dark Supernatural

Victoria Laurie - Cozy with Ghosts/Psychic

Dennis Lehane - Sci-Fi

Katrina Monroe - Gothic

Silvia Moreno-Garcia - Wide Variety - Fantasy, Horror, Gothic

Benjamin Percy - Dark Fantasy

Leigh Perry - Cozy with an animated skeleton

Simone St. James - Gothic

CJ Tudor - Gothic

Stuart Turton - Bizarre Supernatural

Wendy Webb - Gothic

Jen Williams - Gothic

Ben Winters - Sci-Fi Procedural